A Business of growing your business

Spectrum Ad has a legacy spanning over thirty years in the Imperial Valley. At the heart of Spectrum is our dedication to our clients and our outreach into the Hispanic communities.

Private businesses, Government and Non-Profit agencies have turned to SpectrumAd to maximize their potential. Whether looking to increase brand awareness, provide outreach or increase profit, SpectrumAd has been an agency of choice and with long standing clients, that picture is clearer today than ever before. With the agency’s roots established in El Centro, California there is little doubt about the need for clear Spanish translation of our customers message. The Hispanic population of the Imperial Valley exceeds 80% with Spanish as a primary language. Every year those numbers increase and the Hispanic financial investment into communities also grows. For many US cities and towns that straddle the US and Mexico border, it is the Hispanic consumer that help to keep the economy stimulated.

Calexico, California with a population of greater than 40,000 has the unique distinction of being the only US border city smaller than Mexico’s border city, Mexicali. Mexicali is the states Capitol of Baja California, Mexico and has a populations that exceeds one million people. More than four million people cross north through the port of entry between Calexico and Mexicali every year.

Our business is making your business successful.


SpectrumAd means: Advertising • Advocacy • Adaptable • Advisor • Advancing what an agency should be.